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11 Commonly Missed Symptoms of Colon Cancer

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Colon and rectal cancer together termed as colorectal cancers. These are the third most common type of cancer, resulting in several thousand deaths per year. Colon cancer is more common than one can think of.

The signs and symptoms of cancer depend upon the location of the cancer stages, organs, and tissue. Single signs or symptoms may not be enough to say anything. A doctor only can have better ideas by correlating several symptoms.

At times, symptoms of colorectal cancer may not be visible until the cancer is on advanced stages. Regular screenings in suspect can prevent deaths largely from colon cancer.

How to prevent colon cancer:

Preventing cancer in all cases is not possible. Prevention and healthy lifestyle can eliminate some risk factors for developing colon cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), high consumption of red meat or processed meat may increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Cooking meats at very high temperatures releases carcinogenic chemicals causing colon cancers.  Being overweight or having obesity, inactivity, alcohol and smoking cigarettes also increase the risk of many types of cancer.

Here are 11 Commonly Missed Symptoms of Colon Cancer:

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