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Signs Of Toxin Overload In Your Body

We all live in a polluted world and toxins are present all around us. We are prone to them in every possible way, be it through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we constantly breath as well.

The chances of your body’s exposure to toxins is completely unavoidable. You are 24/7 prone to even the tiniest amount of toxins. Though we may not feel these toxins entering and invading our body, we can definitely diagnose it through certain ways. When there is an excess buildup of toxins in your body, your body sends you some signals which confirm the toxicity.

Most of you might not know, but eliminating these toxins from your body is extremely important. When your body is flooded with toxins, it negatively impacts your health by leading to several diseases and disorders. Not only toxins are from external sources like air, food, water and radiation, but they can also be built internally due to extreme stress. So a healthy living is very much necessary.

Here are 11 signals your body gives you when it is flooded with toxins:

1. Constipation –

Now constipation can be a result of many other issues. But it is also a way to identify if your body has been filling up with toxins. You may notice that you often feel constipated after having processed foods.

This is because these foods are processed with chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, colourants, preservatives etc, that are toxic to your body, thereby leading to constipation or an upset stomach.

2. Muscle and joint aches –

There are obviously different reasons of physical aches and more reasons for aching muscles and joints. It might be due to an injury, an extreme workout, nutrition deficiency or any underlying health condition. But if you are not a victim to any of those and have muscle and joint aches even after not having a physically heavy duty day, then the buildup of toxins is probably the cause. Look for any other signs to confirm it.

3. Bad breath –

Bad breath occurs mostly when you do not follow a proper dental hygiene or had a food that makes your breath smell bad. But it is also often a symptom of issue in the digestive system. There are a couple of reasons behind this, one, the digestive system is not able to digest the food properly and the second is that your liver might be fighting to get rid of all the toxins accumulated in your body.

4. Brain fog –

A foggy brain is a sign of increased toxin accumulation in your body. If you wake up feeling drowsy or dizzy, even after a good night’s sleep, it is because the toxins in your body are messing up with your head.

Confusion, memory loss and trouble with focus or concentration are other things that accompany you. Toxins cause a series of reactions in your body that use up all the necessary nutrients leading to brain fog.

5. Feeling of exhaustion –

Research shows a link between extreme fatigue and higher toxin levels. When your body is loaded with toxins, it has to keep doing its work constantly in order to eliminate them. Your kidneys and liver have to work more than usual to get rid of these toxins.

Therefore, they take up more of your energy in this process. This leads to draining your energy levels and eventually making you feel exhausted most of the time.

6. Body odour –

The food you eat, in order to digest has to be broken and metabolized. During these stages, gases are produced and the way in which they get out are through the pores of the skin. This is why you might be stinking even after putting your deodorant on after a nice bath. In short, toxins accumulated in your body are the cause for your body odour and the only way to eliminate is to remove those toxins.

7. Added body weight –

Increase in your body weight is mostly due to the food you eat and the level of your activity. But if you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular exercise, and are still putting on pounds or have trouble losing them, then toxins are the reason. They are known to have a negative impact on the hormones that are responsible for maintaining your body weight.

8. Insomnia –

Having a troubled sleep is one of the most disturbing things. If you feel like it has lately become harder for you to fall asleep, then it is due to the toxin buildup in your body. They show a negative effect on the hormone cortisol, that controls your sleep, thereby leading to insomnia if left ignored for a long time. Also, insomnia leads several other health issues.

9. Brittle toenails –

Toxins are pulled down to your body by gravity and as most of the time, your toes remain covered within your shoes, fungus tends to grow there, making your toenails brittle. They can be easily infected and damaged due to toxin accumulation.

10. Hair loss –

Though there are several other reasons for hair loss, accumulation of toxins like lead, arsenic and thallium are the ones that are mostly responsible to a great extent. So look out for other signs of toxin accumulation as well if your hair loss persists.

11. Skin problems –

Skin problems have been increasing the past few years due to the increased pollution. Also, the products you use on your skin contains chemicals that your skin is sensitive to. Acne, rashes, eczema are the most common kinds of skin problems people face due to exposure to toxins.

Conclusion –

As you now know how harmful toxin buildup can be and how necessary it is to get rid of them, it is time you get to learn ways to do that.

Stay on an organic diet, minimize your alcohol intake and maximize your water intake. Detox your body with the help of some online recipes. Use products that are natural or contain mostly natural ingredients to keep your body internally and externally safe.

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