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Cellulite Myths We Need To Stop Believing

You probably heard that losing weight, stop fat and brush your skin with anti-cellulite cream can help you get rid of cellulite. Well no! All these solutions seen and reviewed do not work.

Cellulite is a cosmetic condition that affect almost 90% of women according to medicalnewstoday. It is a problem that refuse to easily disappear.

There are some myths and facts about cellulite one should know in order to start the convenient treatments.

Cellulite is linked to being overweight

False! Cellulite is caused by the mass of fat cells, which gather in certain targeted areas. If men are mostly spared from this phenomenon, all women can face it, including the slimmest.

Another misconception: cellulite is not the preserve of older women. Indeed, it appears with hormonal changes, so that it sometimes affects women from adolescence.

To fight cellulite, choose the most expensive creams

False! It has been proven that the benefit of anti-cellulite creams comes primarily from the massage performed to make them penetrate the skin. It is therefore less recommended to invest in an expensive cosmetic brand than to practice the right anti-cellulite gestures.

A massage carried out regularly, with kneading and palpate-rolling, is very effective in taking off the dimples.

Drinking a lot of water get rid of cellulite

True and false. In fact, one must take into account the type of cellulite. Cellulite, especially infiltrated cellulite, is caused by problems with blood and lymphatic circulation. This is why drinking a lot (one to two liters per day), and regularly, can stop these circulatory problems.

However, this operation is essentially preventive: it slows the installation of cellulite, but will not make the dimples already installed disappear. In all cases, good hydration is a health and beauty asset: you must drink regularly, regardless of the state of your cellulite.

Cold water on the affected areas fights cellulite

True ! Cold water activates blood circulation. Of course, its benefits are progressive: it is therefore necessary to practice this gesture daily, at the end of the shower. It is recommended to start with the ankles, and gradually work your way up to the waist.

Finally, this practice alone will not perform miracles. It must be combined with regular massages of the capitons, and daily physical activity, even a very short one.

Cellulite is caused by toxins

False! We would like to believe that, for cellulite to disappear, a detox diet or drug treatment is sufficient. But in reality the appearance of “orange peel” is not related to toxins. Dermatologists claim that it is due to a weakening of the connective tissue, which is influenced by hormones, muscle tone, the amount of body fat, and even impaired blood circulation.

Men don’t have cellulite

In fact, it’s true. Only 10% of men develop “orange peel” if their connective tissue is weak or if estrogen levels are high. But as a rule, their skin is thicker and their connective tissue more dense, so that they are spared from cellulite.

Running helps fight cellulite

Cardiovascular workouts can be very effective, but not in this case. Studies have shown that strength and stretching exercises are much better in the fight against cellulite: flexibility has a positive effect on all connective and joint tissues

Caffeine causes the appearance of cellulite

On the contrary, caffeine helps reduce cellulite. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, so it is one of the active ingredients of many creams against irregularities in the skin.

How to fight cellulite?

Add more protein, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. These products strengthen the connective tissue and promote the production of collagen.

Do 30 minutes of training with the following program: 15 minutes of cardiovascular training and 15 minutes of strength focused on problem areas. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, muscle training is more effective than continuous cardiac exercise.

Creams and scrubs for caffeine-containing problem areas help reduce the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating fat cells. But the effect of caffeine is temporary; to keep in shape, these creams should be applied constantly.

Collagen is produced by the body, but with age or under the influence of bad habits, its quantity decreases, while it is precisely the substance that helps regenerate connective tissues, muscles, cartilage and skin. . Collagen can be rubbed on the skin or consumed to improve the condition of the skin.


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