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How To Look Younger And Fresh Without Surgery

It’s okay to take care of yourself and try to look younger, healthier and fresher, but don’t be obsessed about looking younger without accepting your age.

Our exterior project what we are and what we feel inside. So, if you are always worried about getting old and not accepting it, you will definitely look older and stressed. However, if at 60 you still behave like a 20-year-old kid, you will just look like a woman who does not want to age.

I think that one should accept their age and embrace it. Each age has its own beauty. Afterall, age is just a number. Let’s enjoy each moment of it.

Looking younger is possible if we opt for some changes in our daily habits with the help of some make up tricks.

How to look younger without surgery? Here are 5 tips to test.

Good sleep

Sleep is the time when your skin and body repair themselves. Lack of sleep can be read on a face. Scientific studies have shown that sleep can make your skin look younger and healthier. A research made on the effects of sleep deprivation on facial appearance found that one night of poor sleep can cause the following problems:

  • Hanging eyelids
  • Swollen eyes
  • darker undereye circles
  • Paler skin
  • More wrinkles and fine lines
  • More droopy corners of the mouth

A good night sleep improves microcirculation, especially under the eyes, promotes the release of growth hormones that allow the skin to regenerate better – and heal better – and to make collagen.

Straight posture

Beside from helping you avoid muscle pain and back pain; a straight posture help you look younger. Because the older we get, the more we tend to bow. To look younger, you have to get used to walking confidently with your head held high, your torso bulging, your shoulders outward. Women over 45 are among the seniors who tend to have curved backs. This posture needs to be corrected to look younger.

New haircut

Long hair is pretty and sexy but let’s be honest, shortening the hair makes you look younger. Over time, the hair becomes fine and looks damaged. Make a cut adapted to the shape of your face. To look younger, choose short or medium length cuts. Do not forget to put a touch of color on the hair for more freshness, which brings us to the next tip.

Lighten your hair

To bring light to your face, avoid excessively dark tones that harden the lines and bring out wrinkles, especially around the face. No need to become platinum blonde, two tones below your natural color are enough to rejuvenate by a few years.

Take care of your eyebrows

No more thin eyebrow fashion! For a younger look, let your eyebrows grow and depilate only the minimum, only to sculpt your natural eyebrow curve. Too thin or sparse eyebrows will necessarily age a face. If yours are not enough, do not hesitate to use an eyebrow pencil of the same shade to redraw them.

Take care of your skin

Always make sure to moisturize your skin. A well-hydrated skin creates fewer wrinkles and therefore looks younger! Use natural oils and do not leave aside the hands, which when they are dry or marked with brown spots, often betray the age. And above all, watch out for the sun, which ages the skin prematurely! Do not hesitate to invest in a CC cream which contains an anti-UV filter, to protect your skin daily.

Choose the right bra

The chest tends to sag over time. Ask an expert opinion at least once every five years to choose the bra size that best suits you; an improper bra can cause back, shoulder and arm pain. Then, prefer underwired bras to support the chest well. Finally, if you play sports regularly, be aware that you must wear specific underwear.

Take care of your teeth

The state of our teeth often reveals our age, so the annual dental appointment is not to be skipped. But this is not always enough, in addition to regular descaling, brush your teeth after each meal, preferably using a special whitening toothpaste. Also, don’t forget to rinse your mouth after drinking tea or coffee, as these drinks tend to darken the enamel.

If you want a flawless result, you can opt for a whitening session at the dentist, but these are often very expensive, if not, you can use whitening strips to apply yourself on your teeth.

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