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Don’t Let Anxiety Control Your Life 

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness such as worries or fear that can be mild or severe. We all have feelings of anxiety at some time or other in life. One may feel worried and anxious about sitting in an exam, attending job interview, before undergoing a medical test or during social interactions.

We worry about our daily lives, finances, work, and family and many more. These worries have the potential to help in some instances to make good decisions in these areas. It is normal to be anxious and worried about such type of cases. In a few cases, it is hard to control the anxiety within the normal limits. But it is not all the same in the other cases of anxiety. The feelings of anxiety are manageable by following tips and technique

Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Do It Naturally Rather Suppressing

To deal with anxiety, we need to reframe and redirect our thinking to be more positive. Our life proceeds along with the various changes in our thought process. We can change our life by removing negative thoughts naturally. This can be done with the help of positive examples of real life. Don’t get fixed on embarrassing memory or a negative aspect about yourself. You’re opening the door to stress & anxiety with a lot of those uncomforts by doing so. We should practice controlling our actions, thoughts, and feelings. So when you start going down to a negative thought simply try to erase your negative thought just like erasing the blackboard effortlessly. We can attain an altered mind by diverting it towards a different direction. It can be done with little effort; after all, it is a thought only. (Source: Forbes ).

Make Yourself In High Morale And A Strong Instinct

Anxiety can be reduced ,If you can give an extra boost to its opposite trait by practice. We can try smiling for an example. Smiling could be a big help to manage your anxiety. You will find you’re not faking it anymore. Since the brain and body are interlinked, altering one may affect the other. Smiling and making yourself bigger by being in high morale, living with a strong instinct may help in resetting the thoughts in your brain. This will result in fresh thoughts making you happy from and within the inside .

Take Deep Breaths, Meditate, Stay Calm, and Sit Back For Some Time

Breathing is a very common exercise in yogic practices in India and another part of the world. Have you ever thought of yourself holding your breath? You might have noticed  that breathing and thinking goes side by side. It is more common than you think. Deep breathing is recommended for stress management in modern medicine ( Source: Web Med ). A poor breathing habits may cause stress, muscular tension and affect your mental-emotional state. We’re trained to work ourselves till our last limit. Although hard-working is a valuable trait, we should not forget that well-being is also necessary. Take a step back, breathe deep, try to relax and reset your state of mind. Meditation is a great help in stress and anxiety management. It is largely helpful in combating anxiety and stressful conditions  ( Source : Science Direct ).

Physical Exercise And Physical Works

Exercise induces the release of endorphins during exercise naturally. It relieves tension and stress, helps in boosting physical and mental energy. It enhances overall general well-being ( Source: Web Med ). You might feel discouraged to do it because of your responsibilities on the list. Scheduling exercise in your daily life may help a lot include walking as well. You need not abandon your full-time work to run a marathon like  program for this. You can include small changes, like taking the stairs to your office instead of using the elevator, doing workouts at small intervals, getting up early from the bed in the morning. These all require consistency rather than intensity. The most important is to set a schedule and implement it with consistency. You will experience the difference for sure in your conditions.

We Should Try To Analyze Our Source Of Anxiety

We should start keeping a track record of our anxieties throughout the day. This will help to know the root cause of the anxiety symptoms. Perhaps you will come to know the various conflicts that are triggering your anxiety. The source of anxiety sometimes hides in our daily life. If we try to notice it, it might surprise us resulting in an effective control measure.


Anxiety… we all feel it, live with it in our day to day life. Anxiety inevitably shows up uninvited but you’re stronger than your anxiety. You can take back your life by taking over the anxiety regardless of its frequency or severity. The door of the medics is also open as usual in its severe conditions. We should take efforts to deal with it before it starts controlling our life.




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