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Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Do women need more sleep than men, is the most talked-about debate in recent times?   Well, the answer to this debate is a resounding yes.  An article was published in the national sleep foundation, where the doctors claimed that women need to sleep 20 minutes than men. (source: sleep foundation ).

It’s a proved fact that women multitask more than men and hence they need more time to rest. There are several factors that are affecting women’s sleep. Some of them will be discussed below.

Factors of non-getting proper sleep

  • The first and foremost factor is known as pregnancy. In pregnancy women have very much trouble in sleeping since the weight of the body is increased and the position of fetus makes them unacceptable too.
  • The second reason is known as menopause. Here the women are unable to sleep since they experience hot flashes.
  • The third is being woken up early than men since they have to take care of the kids and do household chores.
  • The fourth is having tension in their mind for the future. (source: ResMed)

Ways to prevent lack of sleep

According to national sleep foundation, sleep can be better with exercise.  In addition, women need to follow a strict bed routine and minimum alcohol intake.  This will improve the sleep environment around them.  If these tips do not help, then the doctors will advise you to take some sleeping pills. Remember this is not a permanent solution. (source: Independent)

What seems to be the reason for more sleep requirement

There was research performed at a UK based sleep center, where it was proved that women use more brain than men.  Muscle work for women is more than that of men, and hence they need more and more sleep.

What happens to women if they don’t sleep properly?

Women all over the world have claimed that no proper sleep has lowered their sex drive.  The immune system of women gets weak, and they gain a lot of weight.  In addition, they have also reported they have increased their risk of car accidents, cancers and diabetes.

Due to work pressure, 1 of 3 women all around the world is not getting proper sleep.  This article has formulated some conditions that happen to a women body if they don’t sleep properly. Some of them can be stated as follows:

  • Constantly sick

Women experience excessive illness when they don’t sleep. They get ill very easily since their immune system is lowered at an alarming rate.  There are direct relations between sleep and the immune system. The less you sleep, the sicker you get.

  • The heart is a problem

Short and long sleep duration have a negative effect on the heart. If women sleep less than 5-6 hours or more than 9 hours, then there is a risk of getting a heart attack. This is the reason why doctors advise women to sleep at least 7 hours per day.

  • Risk of cancer is implied

Studies have shown, sleeping less would lead to breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. People who do night shifts, or work during the night have troubled body conditions

  • Thinking can’t be done

There was a study conducted at an American university, where a group of 20 women was taken for an experiment. One day there were given a proper sleep, and the other night, they did not sleep at all.

The result showed that women who have missed sleep during the night had trouble recollecting memory, their decision-making skills were hampered also.  In addition, their problem-solving skills were also hampered. (source : Healthline)

Final thoughts

In order to avoid sleep-related problems, women should say goodbye to tension and stress. They should focus on the present and not think about future problems. The increased rate of insomnia, leading to sickness in women needs to be stopped. It can be stopped getting a good healthy lifestyle.


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