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Unknown Physical Symptoms of Depression

People don’t feel shy to treat their medical pain, but when it comes to treating mental illness, they are not comfortable with it. This is the reason why more and more people are suffering from depression and mental illnesses. (source: Healthline)

Depression is a condition that needs to be taken very seriously.  It is related to feelings, hopelessness, emotional pain and sadness. Recent studies have shown that depression can cause physical pain like self-harm too.

Physical symptoms of depression

This article has come with the physical symptoms of depression so that you can read the signs when you see a person suffering from it.  If you could help a person from depression, then you would be saving one person from committing suicide

1. Lower energy and fatigue

Most of the doctors have stated that one of the greatest signs of depression can be fatigue. Now many people believe that when they are tired, they would have lower energy levels.  But sometimes the reason can be something different. You can experience fatigue and lower energy levels due to depression.  It has been proved that once you are depressed, you will experience fatigue all throughout the day and this can lead to some concentration problems. (source: WebMD)

2. Tolerance level

At times you might have felt that your nerves are on fire and you can’t feel your body.  The reason being, you are depressed from inside.  When you are depressed the nerves in your body, don’t tend to function properly.  People who have recently gone through a divorce, or had problems in their ongoing relationship have reported depression level at an alarming rate. So, doctors mostly prescribe them medication in order to lower their depression levels. (source: NCBI)

3. Muscle and back pain 24/ 7

Muscle and back pain can be related to many health conditions. However, doctors have stated that a lot of people say they woke up perfectly fine in the morning.  When they went to work and sat at their work station, they have felt muscle and back pain all over the body. Age medical studies have suggested that muscle pain can be caused due to the inefficient working of the neurocircuits in the brain.

4. Headaches

All of us experience headaches sometimes but most of us think that these are nothing serious.  Sometimes the main reason can be due to depression. People who have trouble in their marriages, or trouble at the workplace have reported daily headaches.

This means that they are undergoing depression due to stressful situations. When you visit a doctor, the medic will probably give you a medication, which will ease your pain for a few minutes. If you see that headaches happen regularly accompanied with mood swings, consult a doctor.

5. Blur vision

You must be thinking all your life, that you have bad genes and hence you could not see well.  New research has shown that depression may be the cause of blurry vision. There was a university in the united states, who took 80 depressed people for an experiment. They reported that they all saw hazy through their eyes.

6. Stomach issues

Having stomach cramps is not a great feeling. The sinking of the stomach, can be considered as one of the greatest signs of depression.  Women earlier believed that when stomach cramps start, its due to menstrual pain or gas.

A study conducted in Harvard medical school has concluded that stomach cramps, nausea and bleeding can be considered as the leading signs of depression. The reason being, depression can cause inflammationin the digestive system, which can be easily misunderstood for bowel syndrome

Doctors have found a close connection between stomach and depression and they have considered naming it a second brain connection.

In order to avoid such cramps, you need to go on a balanced diet. Once your diet is improved, you will experience fewer mood swings. (source: Healthline)

Final thoughts

We need to keep in mind that depression is not a joke. Parents who have failed to understand their children’s depressions problems have lost their children due to suicide. Physical systems of depression should be taken in action, so that necessary precaution can be taken. Take depression as a serious issue and don’t ignore it.


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