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Myths People Believe About Therapy

Therapy is often considered to be only related with mental issues. Therapy is actually recommeded for all kind of people who undergoing struggles and problems in life. It is for people that are not able to open up and needs somebody to talk to. (source: Psych Central).

This article has come with some serious ongoing myths about therapy that is doing the rounds.


1. The therapist just wants to make money

People, without going to a therapist in real life, start making judgments. They say that therapists are useless, and they charge a huge amount for sessions, which are basically useless. People who have undergone therapy have seen changes come into their lifes. Since they have the ability to talk to someone openly.

2. There is nothing such as therapy; it’s just common sense

Most of the people believe that therapy its just common sense. It’s just how you apply a common sense to a problem. In reality, this is not true. The true meaning of therapy is much deeper. In therapy, you prepare a crisis management plan, when things are not working in your favor.

Undemand that therapy is only a course that is dedicated to you. Its subject, where you are the main focus and a trained expert opinion changes your life for the better. The main aim of therapy is to make you understand your situation and deal accordingly. (Source: Psych Central)

3. You can avoid therapy if you talk to good friends

No matter how many good friends you have, you can’t share all your problems. Since they are your friends, they will be biased eventually. This is a reason why people often talks about their problems to a complete stranger to them. A friend’s suggestion and a therapist are completely different. For example, a friend’s suggestion will be based on the number of memories the friend has with you. On the other hand, a therapist’s suggestion will be years of practice that the therapist has treating behavioural problems.

One more thing, friends try to tell their friends about your problems. In this way, things get spread. A therapist will never leak your confidential information to anybody since there is client-therapist confidentiality. (source: WebMD)

4. Therapy will make you lose money

People have developed a thought that therapies are very expensive. In reality, this is just a rumour. There are therapies which are very affordable and there are therapies, that can be fixed according to your budget.  There are some therapists who offer a free consultation, and there are some therapists who charge a very nominal fee.

People have spent thousands of dollars on achieving a good lifestyle like clothes, cars and houses.  Imagine investing that much money in treating your behaviour, thoughts and emotions. The results that you many achieve can be phenomenal.

5. How can a therapist treat you if they haven’t felt your pain?

Most of the people believe that a therapist can’t treat you if they have not experienced similar struggles as you. What they fail to understand is the fact that the therapist has spent their years in learning how human’s behaviour works in stressful times. Their judgment is based on science and science can’t be wrong. (source: GoodTheraphy)

6. Only meant for the weak

People who have a mental problem, or are weak from inside, undergo therapy. This is a rumour that has benn around for ages. People go to therapy sessions because they need a professional opinion to treat a situation correctly.

Final thoughts

All the myths that are mentioned above have stopped people from going to therapy. People who have sought help from professional have grown as an individual, both mentally and physically. If therapy was there to help them, who knows what might have happened to them.



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