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10 Healthy Alternatives To Aspirin

Before going into alternatives to aspirin, you should know what is aspirin? and what is information that is connected to its history?  People these days, say that the composition of aspirin that is found now has not been used earlier.

In reality, this is completely untrue. You should realize the aspirin composition that is used now, is made up of salicylic acid.  This ingredient has been used for several decades. This ingredient is mostly present in the leaves of a willow tree and is also found in clover, peas, beans and jasmine.

Use of aspirin

People mostly use aspirin for treating fever.  In the early ’90s, a laboratory in the United States found that this medicine can be used for treating heart disease. Meaning that this medicine can be used to treat to stop a stroke or a heart attack.  In modern times, aspirin is not recommended for treating heart diseases because it has risks associated with it. Unless a doctor prescribes you to use aspirin for heart diseases, it should not be used

Problems associated with an aspirin

Taking aspirin regularly can be dangerous to health. In a laboratory in Unites States, there was a group of 20 people that was taken up for an experiment. In this experiment, the group was given aspirin for 14 days straight.  After some time, the scientist found side defects on the candidates that appeared for the experiment. It was found that that small intestine grew larger with regular use of aspirin.

There some of more side effects that you should know before considering aspirin your daily driver for your pain relief. A recent study has found that daily use of aspirin can because of serial health issues like:

  • Ulcers
  • Loss in hearing
  • Ulcer bleeds
  • Influenza
  • Ulcerative colitis 

The death toll is 3000 per year

Yes, what you have read is right. A recent study in oxford university indicated that when you turn 67 and, in your life, you have taken aspirin daily. Then there were nose bleeds and disabling bleeds almost every day.  You will have bleeds in the gastrointestinal tract as well as in the cardiovascular system


#1. Pycnogenol

This can be considered as a good alternative to aspirin.  It has a high composition of taxifolin, catechin and phenolic acids which reduces cardiovascular risk.  There was a study conducted in the UK with a group of people. A group of 10 people was chosen who were cigarette smokers.  Both were given 100 mg of pycnogenol and aspirin. After some days it was found that people who took Pycnogenol did not smoke of six days. Whereas people who took aspirin showed that bleeding time was increased, but cigarette temptation was not reduced greatly

#2. Policosanol

Doctors recommend as this a great alternative to aspirin because it is made directly from sugarcane. So, this means if you take this medicine, cholesterol level will be reduced.  In a study conducted in united states, a group of 10 people were 100 mg of policosanol and another group of 10 people were given 100 mg of aspirin, the results that came out was shocking. Both have tendencies to clot blot, but aspirin had bad side effects, and policosanol did not

#3. Fish oil

Platelet aggression can be greatly reduced with the help of omega 3 fish oil.  4g of fish oil and aspirin were given to a group of 5 each.  The group which took fish oil showed that platelet agrees ion was greatly reduced as compared with aspirin

#4. Curcumin

One of the most active ingredients of turmeric is known as curcumin.  This medicine is more effective than aspirin as it reduces platelet aggression more than that of aspirin. Its platelet aggression properties come from certain ingredients like adrenaline, arachidonate, eicosanoids.

#5. Dark chocolate

If you’re big-time chocolate lover, then this information can is the bearer of good news.  The scientist has found that the cocoa present in chocolate contains platelet aggression proletaries.  Another highlighting feature of dark chocolate comes related to cigarette smokers. Science claims that if you take a bite of dark chocolate every day. then the temptation of smoking cigarette will be reduced for six hours

#6.  Dan Shen

This a Chinese herb that has been considered as one of the good alternatives of aspirin.  Studies claim that this medicine can reduce platelet aggression, reduce cardiovascular attack and also reduce cerebral infection

#7. Coleus forskohlii

This a herb which is found in India, Nepal and Thailand.  One of the most active ingredients of this herb is known as forskolin.  This acts as a cAMP stimulator, and hence it is helpful in reducing planet aggression.

#8. Peony

There are two forms of this plant. One is known as Paeonia suffruticosa, and the other is known as Paeonia Lucifer.  Both this plant help in blog coagulation and platelet aggression. The components present in this plant should anticoagulant properties

#9.  Ginger and cinnamon

This can be considered as one of the great alternatives to aspirin since it has anti-coagulant properties.  It is proven that ginger helps reduce blood clots and decrease inflammation at an alarming rate.  Coming to magnesium, it is said that taking magnesium tablets each day can reduce hypertension and blood pressure

#10. Bromalin and MSM

Bromalin is basically an enzyme that reduces pain and inflammation. Taking this natural alternative can act as a very good pain killer.  The swelling of your body can be reduced, which in turn reduces the pain.  MSM is a natural alternative that is given to patients after a surgery or an injury. The pain and the after-effects of the surgery can be greatly reduced with the help of this alternative.

Bottom line

Aspirin can seem very tempting, as it gives instant relief during pain and fever. The side effects of aspirin using it long term can be very dreadful. The above-mentioned information has highlighted all the risk and side effects that are associated with it. By suggesting some great alternatives of aspirin, this article hopes to change your mind of using aspirin as your daily driver.

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