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Signs of Mold Exposure That Often Get Ignored

Mold damage has become an issue of concern to health professionals and the general public over the years. In fact, in recent years, more and more studies in North America and Europe have reported a possible link between the presence of mold in the interior and various health problems.

Body reaction to mold:

Each individual will have a different reaction to mold depending on several factors, including the dose of mold to which you will be exposed, the species present, as well as the state of your health and your sensitivity . However, all reactions, whether minor or major, will require immediate attention and action.

How to get rid of mold and moisture ?

The sad truth is that mold is present everywhere. No interior space is exempt. That said, mold needs moisture to grow. If you get rid of moisture, you limit mold. A musty smell, the presence of moisture on hard surfaces and water spots that indicate leaks or condensation are signs that mold is present in your home or office.

To avoid mold, it is necessary to fight against moisture. This is naturally produced by daily activities – human breathing, bathing, showering, washing, cooking – and easy to spot by the regular presence of mist on the windows or on the walls.

Here are 12 signs Of mold toxicity you should know:

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